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So I’ve never written a link love post before and I’m always far too tired on Fridays to send out #FF tweets.  I’m feeling like a monster.  I love there is such a big blogging community and it’s time I start giving back.  I’ve decided to make this a regular thing with a theme each time – this time round Im featuring nail art extraordinaires!  So without further ado, here are some of my favourite posts I’ve seen recently and I think you should check them out too.  All photos are property of the blog owners and all due credit goes to them for fabulous nails and talent :) Click on the photos to go and read their blogs.

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Jane from Nailside shared this great tutorial for a citrus nail design – isn’t it fun?  I love the colours she picked and the tutorial looks really easy.  This is going on my list to recreate at some point soon.  Jane does fantastic tape manicures too and has lots of tutorials. Click on the picture to read all about it.

500DaysOfSummerNailArt03%25282%2529 Share The Love   Nail Art

Sammy of The Nailasaurus has had a movie theme going on recently with a different mani inspired by a movie each day.  Her freehand skills amaze me.  I adored the movie (500) Days of Summer even if it did make me sad at times, so this was my favourite of them all, followed closely by Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  Sammy you have great taste in movies as well as nail art!  Click on the picture to see more about this blog and see the other movie themed manicures.

canadadaywm Share The Love   Nail Art

Continuing my I Love Canada theme (see my rave in my previous post about OPI – Glacier Bay Blues) is Kayla Shevonne’s Canada Day manicure.  I adored this too, there were so many patriotic manicures going around that weekend with Canada Day and Independence Day being a couple of days apart but this one blew my socks off.  Kayla always has fun nail art manicures happening and lots of nail art tutorials.

 Share The Love   Nail Art

Theodora over at Red Hair and Black Nail Polish has just started a brand new series of nail art tutorials based on the designs above.  She has a whole other nail wheel on top of this one with designs as well!  I’m going to be watching these with great interest.  Theodora is looking for reader input on which order to post her tutorials so head on over and leave a comment on which one you want to see next!

922ef978 Share The Love   Nail Art

Finally I have this apple manicure from Sydney’s finest – ‘Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake.  Isn’t it just the cutest?  I always love ‘Chelle’s nail art, especially when she comes up with something different to put on every nail.  I struggle to come up with one design to put on all of mine if I’m going down the nail art road.  Cosmetic Cupcake is mainly a nail orientated blog, however ‘Chelle is also an avid beauty blogger and has expanded my horizons no end!  I now follow a number of beauty blogs and am proud to say my make up routine has been revolutionized for it!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you all to go and take a look at these blogs too if you don’t already read them.  They’re well worth it.

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