What I’m Wearing Now: Essie Chinchilly


With the onset of winter here in Australia, it’s time to start digging out all my favourite cold weather shades and today’s is one of my all time favourites.  Essie Chinchilly is a staple of the Essie collection, originally released back in 2009 and still going strong in their core collection 5 years later.


This taupe polish is perfect with my skintone, neither too light or dark and has a wonderful hint of dusty lilac and grey to it that makes it so adaptable.


I used three coats here because I tend to find it a little streaky still after two coats if I hold my nails up to a light source which really annoys me.  Originally I was going to stamp something on top of this but as soon as my nails were painted I remembered how much I love this polish on it’s own.20140617-Essie-Chinchilly-IMG_4168Expect to see a lot more of these kinds of posts coming up, my nail polish budget is pretty small right now for new purchases and with nearly 800 polishes in my stash, it’s about time I start wearing more of them again!  I’m pretty excited to start hitting the dark shades during the few cooler months we get here :)

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