Swatched: Glam Polish The Epic Journey Collection Pt 1


Glam Polish are back at it with another new collection – this month’s release is a collection of 9 shades inspired by the journey through Middle Earth in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.  The collection has a range of micro-flakies, shimmers and duochrome polishes, some with a holo finish, in the green-blue-purple spectrum with something sure to appeal to everyone.  Today I have the first five polishes that all fall into the green and blue end of the spectrum.

20140531-Glam Polish-Rivendell-IMG_3939

Rivendell is our first stop, this micro flaky is one of my favourites with a predominantly teal blue finish thanks to the jelly base, however there are lots of purple flakies mixed through the polish to give it some dimension that looks spectacular on the nail.  This swatch was three coats alone and while it is mostly opaque, I would probably go with undies or a fourth coat as I can see a few thin patches in my photos.

20140531-Glam Polish-Rivendell-IMG_3932 20140531-Glam Polish-Rivendell-IMG_393620140531-Glam Polish-Isengard-IMG_3973

Isengard is a silvery blue duchrome that shifts to purple, this polish twinkles thanks to a healthy dose of spectraflair giving the polish a scattered holo effect in the right light.  This polish was a smooth and easy two coater.  It does remind me a bit of Powder Perfect Fog Is Rolling In, however I think the blue in this polish is more saturated.

20140531-Glam Polish-Isengard-IMG_3968 20140531-Glam Polish-Isengard-IMG_397020140531-Glam Polish-Helm's Deep-IMG_3961

Helm’s Deep has a very similar colour shift to Isengard and it also shares the scattered holo finish however the shimmer has been switched out for a micro flakies finish making the effect a little coarser and it also looks a little darker on the nail.  Again two coats was all that was needed.

20140531-Glam Polish-Helm's Deep-IMG_3954 20140531-Glam Polish-Helm's Deep-IMG_395720140531-Glam Polish-Fangorn Forest-IMG_3928

Fangorn Forest is another micro flakies finish, this time in a teal leaning green shade.  There are some turquoise flakies thrown in there too, but unlike Rivendell they don’t contrast with the base colour as much giving the polish a more uniform finish.  Unsurprisingly this polish was an easy two coats too which is what I expect from the Glam Polish formula.

20140531-Glam Polish-Fangorn Forest-IMG_3923 20140531-Glam Polish-Fangorn Forest-IMG_392520140531-Glam Polish-Anduin River-IMG_3951

Last up today is Anduin River which is another favourite for me, in the bottle this has a duochrome finish, shifting to purple, but it wasn’t all that visible on the nail.  Somewhere between teal and turquoise, this shimmer has a scattered holo finish too that again makes it twinkle in the right light (when scattered holos are done right like this I love them to pieces, I would pick them over a linear holo any day)….and guess what, two coats!

20140531-Glam Polish-Anduin River-IMG_394220140531-Glam Polish-Anduin River-IMG_3946The polishes are available for pre-order from today for AU$89.95 for the whole collection.  Individual polishes are AU$9.95-AU$10.95 each depending on the finish.  You can purchase them directly at Glam Polish.  I will have the other half of the swatches for you tomorrow, showing all the purple polishes!

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