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I’ve had these polishes for months and even though I love them all I just haven’t got around to swatching and posting them all to share with you.  All four polishes are collaboration polishes with the typical jelly base with holographic flakies (and glitter in some cases).  I really like this formula/finish and there is such a wide range of colours now that there is something for everyone.

20131216-Picture Polish-Lagoon-IMG_1670

Lagoon by Fashion Polish is a beautiful turquoise (as opposed to Ocean which is more blue based) and has turquoise hexes mixed in for added texture.  This swatch was three easy coats and it retains a really nice squishy jelly texture.

20131216-Picture Polish-Lagoon-IMG_1675

20131216-Picture Polish-Lagoon-IMG_1688

20140104-Picture Polish-Electric Dream-IMG_2059

Electric Dream by Nail Polish Anon is a medium pink with a slight coral hint to it with an added gold shimmer.  This polish just needed two coats which gives it an added thumbs up for me!  This has more of a solid shimmer finish when it dries.

20140104-Picture Polish-Electric Dream-IMG_2066

20140104-Picture Polish-Electric Dream-IMG_2068

20140104-Picture Polish-Hope-IMG_2127

Hope by Vernis en Folie is one of the earlier collaboration shades and a personal favourite for me.  This dark blackened teal polish also has blue hexes scattered through it which I love.  I used three coats to get this polish really opaque but you could also layer it over a slightly brighter shade if you didn’t want such a blackened finish.  This polish frequently sells out so make sure you grab it when you see it stock!

20140104-Picture Polish-Hope-IMG_2112

20140104-Picture Polish-Hope-IMG_2114

20140104-Picture Polish-Shy Violet-IMG_2081

Shy Violet by Glam Polish is a beautiful medium violet leaning purple with just a straight holo flakies mix.  This polish is far more sheer than the others and the flakies don’t really show up holo which confuses me a bit as I’m sure they have to be the same as the other polishes with this finish.  I’ve worn it alone before but it needed a whopping 5 coats for me to be happy with it so here I layered two coats over Ulta3 Spring Break which is a very similar creme shade that is maybe one shade darker than Shy Violet.  It looked much better this way so I would recommend undies!

20140104-Picture Polish-Shy Violet-IMG_2086

20140104-Picture Polish-Shy Violet-IMG_2090

I have quite the drawer of these polishes now, but these are all definite favourites, along with Ocean and Shocked.  I’m eyeing off Ultra Violence and Imperial from the most recent collaboration releases but I tend to hold out until I want enough polishes to take advantage of Picture Polish’s Everyday Deals (and to make postage worth it).  All four shades are currently in stock at Picture Polish.

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