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So during my Boxing Day sales shopping, I came across this Ciate foil kit half price at Mecca and figured I had never tried Ciate polishes (far too expensive) and I’d never tried foils so why not.


So here is my second attempt (I stuffed up the first attempt not waiting for the glue to dry for long enough).  I started with a base of OPI This Gown Needs A Crown to give me some camouflage if there were patches missing foil.  I applied a thin coat of glue to my entire nail then waited for it to dry transparent before applying the foil.  I precut the foil into nail sized pieces to make them easier to handle too.  I messed up in a couple of spots – I accidentally ripped away the foil (and the polish underneath with it) on one of the corners of my ring finger while the glue was still drying.  I also misaligned the foil on my pinky nail so I missed the whole outside edge of that nail.

20131228-Ciate-Nail Foils-IMG_1971

My main issue though was wrinkling, much the same as the nail wraps that you get from Sally Hansen, Incoco, OPI etc these days, they just don’t sit flat on my nails because they’re so curved.  The issue was worst around my tips and cuticles.  Slowly as I did more nails I did get better at applying the foils though – I set each piece lightly on the middle of my nail then used a cotton bud to smooth the foil onto my nails from the middle out, making sure I applied plenty of pressure around the edges to get an even application.


By the time I had done all ten nails, it was working out better for me so I went back and put another foil layer over my first hand and this time they were much more even as you can see above (by this point I was racing the clock because we had to go out so instagram photos to the rescue!)  There were still a few wrinkles which were from the first layer of foil but it’s great that if you stuff up you don’t really need to take everything off and start again.  I also found I could clean up as normal with a brush to tidy they up afterwards.


Honestly the holo foils were all a bit too much for me and they felt pretty delicate so I slapped a coat of Cult Nails Wax That over the top.  I love this because it gave it a frosted appearance, keeping the pattern in the foil while taking out all the holo reflectiveness.  It showed the wrinkles a bit too but within a couple of hours all but the worst wrinkles around my cuticles had flattened themselves out.

20131229-Ciate-Nail Foils-IMG_1988

So the downside of the foils?  They last no time at all, even with a top coat.   This is my nails the following morning (less than 12 hours later).  You can see lots of areas, especially where there were wrinkles, have worn down and the tip wear is atrocious.  I can’t even imagine how bad it would look without the silver base underneath.  On my other hand I had a big scratch on one of the foils before I even made it to the birthday party we were attending.

So foils are looking like a special occasion type manicure only where I need to impress for a few hours only.  I’d definitely recommend putting a similar base colour underneath which will be much more forgiving if you make mistakes.  On the positive side I have to say that the Ciate foil glue was really good – the brush on it made it easy to apply the glue to the whole nail without making a mess.

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  1. I’ve never tried foils thinking they were too fiddly. After your review I think I won’t bother! I do, however, like the way these look on you.

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