NOTD: Candy Coloured Leopard Print


With my current obsession with nail stamping, I’ve gone a bit over the top with ordering new plates in the last few months so expect to see lots of stamped manis coming up.

20131109-NOTD-Candy Coloured Leopard Print-IMG_0901 copy

Today’s nails use the two leopard print designs from Vivid Lacquer plate VL010.  I started with a gradient of China Glaze For Audrey, That’s Shore Bright and OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips before stamping over the top with Konad Special White Polish.

20131109-NOTD-Candy Coloured Leopard Print-IMG_0884 copy

20131109-NOTD-Candy Coloured Leopard Print-IMG_0892 copy

Once I was done I wished I had used the inverted leopard print design on all my nails, it looks great over the gradient while the normal leopard print I found to look a bit sparse, even though it’s the same design.

20131109-NOTD-Candy Coloured Leopard Print-IMG_0896 copy

I’ve also been playing with a black background (which is really just a black piece of cloth parcel taped to the back of my light box).  What do you think? I always found that my white background would really just look grey which I didn’t like, where as my instagram photos are against the dark wood of my desk and I think it makes the overall aesthetic look better.  The down side is that my cats will cover the black fabric with hair in no time and I haven’t figured out how to combat that yet!


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