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A few weeks back I bought myself an XL squishy sticky stamper from ebay because I had grown frustrated with not being able to pick up a whole XL image and I had also heard they were good for stamping longer nails.  After a few weeks of using it, I felt it was about time I wrote a review as

 there isn’t much information out there about them I could find.20131013-Review-XL Squishy Stamper-IMG_0093 copy

Size – above is a side by side picture with my trusty Konad stamper.  To better demonstrate the size difference, I stamped the same chevron image from BundleMonster plate BM-423 which shows how much extra free space there is on the XL stamper.  Because the XL stamper is both softer and stickier, air bubbles get trapped in the stamper when you press it on the plate which means that it’s virtually impossible to get a good solid stamp like you would with the Konad stamper.  I’ve tried rolling and pressing the stamper into the plate and found that lightly pressing it against the plate gets the best image but I’ve never managed anything perfect like the Konad stamper.  It gives the stamp a slightly aged/worn feel on the nail which I don’t mind in some instances but for a geometric design like this I really would prefer it crisp and clean.

20131013-Review-XL Squishy Stamper-IMG_0092 copy

Texture – The Konad stamper is a smooth rubber material, while the XL stamper is a much softer silicon.  This makes it easy to damage and as you can see mine has a few scrapes and came with that tear already on it.  

20131013-Review-XL Squishy Stamper-IMG_0111 copy

This photo shows how sticky the stamper is – can you see how the silicon is stuck to the bottom of my nail?  It is similar to the feeling when you have PVA on your fingers and it gets tacky and stringy when you press the fingers together.  The big benefit of this is that it sticks right to all the edges of your nails when you stamp so you don’t get gaps in your design at the edges if your nails have a strong c curve.  It also helps to get the stamped image all the to the tips and even wrapped around the tips if your nails are curved verticals (mine lovingly curve both ways!).  The downside to this is EVERYTHING sticks to it – every last piece of dust, lint, cat hair etc.

20131013-Review-XL Squishy Stamper-IMG_0096 copy

Here you can see just how squishey the stamper is – I was applying barely any pressure with this pen and it just sinks into the stamper.  The pro of this is that you don’t need as much pressure when you stamp on the nail as you do with the firmer Konad stamper.  If you have long tips to your nails you will know how difficult it is to apply pressure evenly to the tip without hurting yourself or being scared of breaking a nail.  I used to have to press underneath my tip with another finger to support it to prevent too much pain/a break when stamping with my Konad stamper.  The lower pressure also means you’re less likely to wrinkle your base coat if it’s not 100% dry (let’s face it, we’ve all done it!)

XL Squishy Stamper

Happy days – I took some photos while stamping to show you exactly how easy it is.  I took the stamping pad out of the holder because it tends to come out on it’s own every couple of nails anyway due to the stickiness.  I line up my nail above the design then press my nail directly into the pad rather than rolling the pad across my nail as I would with the Konad stamper.  This makes it far easier to line up my nail to the design and stamp it relatively straight on my nail.  I have tried using the same rolling technique but because the pad is so flexible the image ends up stretching and distorting in the process.

20131013-Review-XL Squishy Stamper-IMG_0125

Here are my final nails using both stampers – the pinky and middle nails were done with the Konad Stamper and and pointer and ring finger were done with the XL Stamper.  I tried two different black polishes too but didn’t see a radical difference in the end result.  I’ve highlighted the major issues with each.

Maintenance – the XL stamper is a pain to clean, because it’s so sticky you can’t wipe it down with cotton wool soaked in acetone which is what I’d normally do.  I’m also not sure if the acetone would ruin the surface when used all the time.  I stamp it onto a piece of parcel or masking tape to clean off any left over polish between stamps and keep it in a drawer when I’m not using it with the stamping surface face down to prevent too much lint and dust sticking to it.  I’ve tried washing it under a tap with no luck and every now and then I wipe it down with a lint free wipe with some acetone but nothing truly cleans it 100%

Final Opinion – I really like this stamper still purely because it no longer hurts when I stamp the tips of my nails and it’s easy to get a design lines up and right into the edges.  Would I use it on every occasion? No just because the air bubbles really detract from the final effect on some designs like the one I used for this review.  I think there are a time and place for both this stamper and the Konad stamper but neither are perfect – really it’s just down to personal preference.

Note – the ebay seller I bought from is no longer selling this stamper.  I paid $8 for this stamper, I suggest searching for XL Stamper and then looking for stampers that are specifically described as “soft silicon”.

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  1. Interesting! I am having some issues with the side gaps from time to time and would like to try a squishy stamper, but the airbubbles and cleaning kinda puts me off..

  2. I have been using an XL squishy stamper for about a year. It is brilliant, since taking it out of the handle, as it used to just keep falling out anyway! I tried all sorts of ways to try to stop it from falling out before realising I could use it better without the handle lol. The surface of mine is still perfect and I always use acetone on a round ‘value’ cotton pad, not cotton wool. I find as long as the pad isn’t drying out, it cleans the stamper fine. Yours does look very damaged which could be why it isn’t producing as good a result as it should. I bought mine from Llarowe, but have just seen one on MoYou website for just a few pounds. I hardly ever use my Konad stamper now. I would try a new one…xx

  3. Just my 2 cents: I too bought a XL sticky stamper (looks/works) just like the one you’re describing here – and I had all of the same issues you do. (I had bought mine at Ninja Polish – but I don’t think it’s the one they usually stock, so I’m not giving them a bad review here.) So, on a wim, I bought another one – this time from Winstonia (actually through Amazon called Winstonia Nail Art Double Ended Large Stamp and Plastic Scraper Set) and it is perfect! It is less tacky and less squishy than the one you are reviewing – but it is softer than the konad one and picks up the full image (not air bubbles) and has the benefits I was looking for. (It doesn’t fall out of its holder, it can be cleaned with acetone and/or lint roller paper, and you can press your nail straight down on it – or if curved nails like ours – roll down on it – because it is softer/larger and it doesn’t hurt our nails or squish the base layer.) The only issue I have is that if I push too hard as I roll over my nail, I can distort the image a little – but if I’m remembering that – it doesn’t happen. :) I do still love my orignial konad stamper (the little one, not the double) but it has a pink stamper – and I find it so much easier/faster to check my image on this new one from Winstonia because it is white. And when my nails are long – it is much gentler/easier to deal with added curve. :)

  4. Wow, that one looks way too squishy and prone to deteriorating. The squishy ones I’ve used are from Magnonails (my fave) and another from ebay (seller name silverno1jewelry). Both are soft but not as soft as this one you’ve shown. I hope you find one that’s a happy medium of the two!

  5. Thanks for this comparison and to all of you for the replies on this subject! I’ve been wondering about this for weeks because my stamping looks so crappy. I’ll use this information to get a better stamper and hopefully get better at my stamped mani. Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for all the great feedback. It looks like the quality of these stampers really varies. I’ve gone ahead and ordered the MoYou stamper as I wanted an excuse to grab some of their plates so I will post an update when that arrives.

  7. Today, I used the XL Squishy Stamper from Wistonia for the first time, having used the Konad original stamper for well over 4 years. I followed Maria suggestion as it came out of the handle while buffering it, and picked up with my fingers (it is so big, that it worked very well). The first few designs needed to be redone, as I kept applying the stamper with too much force that the full size image was distorted. I got the handle of it after a few times, and it worked very well. No need to roll it over the nail, just sink your nail slowly in the correct position. The stamper picked up the complete image and it was easy to center it in my nails (ring fingering thumb are the ones with more C curve), and some cotton fuzz!
    So far, very happy with my XL Squishy Stamper

  8. Oh no! My xl stamper does not look like this! It is much more flexible than the konad one, but still has a smooth surface with no pot-holes and is not this sticky! Yours looks so beat up :(
    Hopefully the one yoy order from moyou will be better!

  9. I am an avid nail stamper:) and have been stamping for about 3+ years I own the entire konad line as well as many many more! I too have been searching for a better stamping solution in regards to side gaps and positioning and I own (I think) every brand of stamper so I was excited to try this silicon one. It simply does not work for me:( I have used all kinds of polish and they simply “bead up” or simply do not transfer on the surface of the stamper. I have used tape to clean it, I have tries acitone to “dull” the surface and nothing has made this one work for me:( I am still in search for the perfect nail design tranfer product, so if you invent a flexible, transparent, positionable soft stamper, let me know! I’ll buy 100 of them! thanks! And great article and topic!

  10. I LOVE my Wistonia stamper. It’s the only one I use now. I don’t even use the handle that it comes it. It doesn’t want to stay in there anyway. And, yes, I use shipping tape to clean it off. It seems to be the easiest (and safest for the stamper) way.

    • As I said in the post, you can’t buy this specific stamper anymore. I suggest checking out Messy Mansion, they have a wide range of stampers. I use their white rectangular stamper now which is much better than either this one or the Konad one.

  11. Hi! I love my XL squishy stamper! I noticed you mentioned air bubbles in the image? I’ve never had this but I have had it not picking up properly like your pictures. Have you primed the stamping head? I got some advice off a pro stamper who said with the squishies they need to be primed first and then they pick up perfectly with no missing bits and really crisp images. I would look it up on you tube or check out who has a great video on how to prime this type of stamper

    • Hi Sarah – Ive since got much better quality squishy stampers, I recommend the Messy Mansion stampers these days. The problem with this one wasn’t that it needed to be primed, just that the silicon was too soft and the surface wasn’t smooth so air bubbles got trapped in it. This was in the days before squishy stampers were common place so it came from eBay :(

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