31DC2013: Day 13 Animal Print


I thought I had this one set from day one…after all I’m a leopard print addict.  But then just today I did a complete 180 after my fiance even commented that he guessed I would do leopard print as it’s animal print day…so instead I tried something completely different – rainbow fish scales.

20130912-31DC2013-Day 13 Animal Print-IMG_9143 copy

I knew immediately I needed to do this with holo polishes to get that fish scale glittering effect so I kicked off with a base coat of A England Ascalon.  Then I sponged on random patches of ORLY Miss Conduct, Emily de Molly Cool, Calm and Collected and Color Club Revvvolution and Wild At Heart.

20130912-31DC2013-Day 13 Animal Print-IMG_9138 copy

I went back round a second time adding random extra patches of colour until I was relatively happy with the mix of colours before top coating the lot.

20130912-31DC2013-Day 13 Animal Print-IMG_9154 copy

Then I went back and stamped a fish scale design from Mash plate 39 using Ulta3 Black Satin to reach the final effect.  I now desperately want a larger fishscale plate because this design only just fit on my nails and I filed them back quite considerably today.

20130912-31DC2013-Day 13 Animal Print-IMG_9149 copy

20130912-31DC2013-Day 13 Animal Print-IMG_9145 copy



9 thoughts on “31DC2013: Day 13 Animal Print

  1. So awesome! Are you familar with Black Milk Clothing? They do leggings and body suits with a similar print and call it Mermaid Scales :) I’d love to try this out one day! <3

    Kate Xx

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