31DC2013: Day 8 Metallic Nails


I’m just going to say it – these are my favourite nails of the challenge yet!  After raiding my helmers for metallic polishes I cam across some old favourites for stamping – Sally Hansen Pronto Purple and Blue Streak.  Both are from the insta-dri collection and are perfect for stamping as they’re opaque in one coat and have a great contrast against creme polishes.

20130908-31DC2013-Day 8 Metallic Nails-IMG_8812 copy

I received my Vivid Lacquer stamping plates on Friday and I’ve been itching to try them out so I grabbed plate VL011 and used the water spotting design to create these nails.

20130908-31DC2013-Day 8 Metallic Nails-IMG_8840 copy

I started out with a base of my staple black creme – Ulta3 Black Satin before creating a two tone stamp by adding both SH polishes side by side then scraping them across the plate in a couple of directions to merge the two colours in the middle.

20130908-31DC2013-Day 8 Metallic Nails-IMG_8824 copy

I’ve tried waterspotting before using the water and isopropyl alcohol spray technique before without much success so I have to say this plate is a revolution for me.

20130908-31DC2013-Day 8 Metallic Nails-IMG_8850 copy

I see it getting a lot of use, and best of all is that there is an inverted version of it on plate VL009 so I can also start with a gradient manicure then stamp a solid colour over the top to create a similar effect where the polishes aren’t opaque enough to stamp with.

20130908-31DC2013-Day 8 Metallic Nails-IMG_8821 copy

Up tomorrow is Rainbow which I’m excited for.  I’ve known what I wanted to do for that since day 1 which makes a nice change from coming up with last minute ideas!



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