What I’m Wearing Now: Essie Blue-Green Gradient


This is the first time I’ve painted my nails in a week…which has to be a record for me. Between being sick and being on annual leave from work I haven’t really looked at my polishes at all. But never fear, I’ve painted them today and settled right back into my groove. Today I did a quick gradient using Essie In The Cab-ana, First Timer and The More The Merrier as I was feeling very spring like thanks to the weather being 22C and sunny (not bad for middle on winter!)

20130810-NOTD-Essie Blue Green Gradient-IMG_8101 copy

20130810-NOTD-Essie Blue Green Gradient-IMG_8106 copy

I almost forgot, I have a new watermark too! Obviously the spring change has made me feel like a change too, so my bi-annual watermark refresh is upon me! Seeing as I have business cards on the way with this one on I probably should make an effort to stick with it this time!

10 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing Now: Essie Blue-Green Gradient

  1. Lovely colors. I just love a simple elegant gradient. Could you satisfy my need to know what Essie colors were that you used? I’m getting ready to order a bunch of Essie from one of my favorite online stores and may want to pick up one of the colors you used.
    Thanks and hope you’re feeling better and can enjoy the beautiful weekend.

  2. In love with your gradient!!! No two other colours would go for such an awesome result! Super cool! :D
    Also, your new watermark is really nice too: sleek and elegance! Like! ;)

  3. This is soooo amazing :) it makes me happy just looking at it. I’m a huge fan of gradients and do them all the time. But I never thought of combining green with blue ;)

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