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It’s that time of year again, when suddenly Picture Polish takes over your RSS reader!  This year, blog fest is all about nail art and celebrating the year of the blogger.  This time round every blogger taking part was given the challenge to come up with a nail art design with three random Picture Polishes  and to create a tutorial so you can all recreate the look at home.  I decided to try something new to me – home made decals.  And just to make it that bit more exciting – they are also going to create three new collaboration shades with bloggers that take part and you can vote for one of those bloggers (pick me pick me!).  I will include all the details at the bottom, but now on with the polish!

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Picture Polish sent me over Fairy Floss, Wisteria and Tiffany to play with for this challenge which felt very girly to me so I decided that hearts were the way to go!

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Start out with a small sheet of baking paper (aka parchment paper or wax paper) and paint patches of your chosen colours.  I made my patches about 3x5cm each and used 3 coats of polish to make sure they would be opaque.  Top them off with a quick dry top coat and leave them for an hour or so to dry.

20130724-Picture Polish-Blog Fest 2013-IMG_7753 copy

Next step is optional, I went ahead and stamped some zebra print from BundleMonster plate BM-223 at one end of my colour patches so I could create some patterned decals too.  I could just squeeze two stamps side by side on each colour, still leaving plenty of plain colour too.  **I recommend non geometric patterns for this as it means you don’t have to worry about orientation when you cut out the decals and stick them on your nails**.  Once again, leave them to dry.  I would suggest for at least another hour.

20130724-Picture Polish-Blog Fest 2013-IMG_7743 copy

Now the fun starts – using paper punches (found in craft stores in the scrapbooking section), you can start cutting out your decals.  I have a series of heart shaped punches in different sizes that I used for this.  You could also freehand cutout designs or use craft scissors to cut out chevrons or scalloped edges for french tips…the options are endless!

20130724-Picture Polish-Blog Fest 2013-IMG_7762 copy

Once you have made your decals, it’s time to paint your nails with a base colour.  I suggest waiting until you’re done making your decals so you don’t accidentally smudge or chip your nails.  I used OPI Alpine Snow for my base colour so the hearts would stand out.

20130724-Picture Polish-Blog Fest 2013-IMG_7786 copy

While your last coat is still slightly tacky (when you would still leave fingerprints, but not smudge your nails), start placing your decals on.  You can practise this on paper first to find how you want to lay them out if necessary.  Don’t forget to peel the paper off before you stick the decals on.

20130724-Picture Polish-Blog Fest 2013-IMG_7782 copy

Once everything is on, apply a generous top coat to seal the decals and fix them in place.  Float your top coat on (where you get a drip on the end and roll it over your nail without the brush touching the nail) if you have used any stamping to avoid smudging the stamping.  You can use acetone and a fine brush to remove any overhanging edges from the hearts and I added some dots to fill the gaps.

20130724-Picture Polish-Blog Fest 2013-IMG_7772 copy

20130724-Picture Polish-Blog Fest 2013-IMG_7764 copy

So there you have it, what do you think?  I was really pleased with how this came out, it looked even better than I expected.  Now that you’re all really impressed, you can go and vote for me (and all the other blog fest manicures that you’re in love with) over at the Picture Polish pinterest board.  The manicure with the most likes wins the blogger the opportunity to collaborate with Picture Polish to make a new collaboration shade.

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Some of the other lovely Australian bloggers that I know are also participating in Blog Fest this year, so you can check out all their nail art and tutorials here:

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  1. These are so cute! I love how you’ve got all different sizes of hearts, and the colours work so well together :) You’re right, it does seem like they co-ordinated the colours haha.

  2. Love this cute design! I got fairy floss and tiffany too, and felt the same way about the combo, wanted to make a sweet and girly design. Yours is beautiful :)

  3. Hi! Excuse me for any mistakes in this post, I’m French. ;) I’m a fan of what you’ve done! Your pictures are clear, beautiful, bright and understand how you did it. It must be complicated, this technique takes the air, you’re good! It’s really pretty and hearts are cute. Kisses and good luck for your blog! Piiiou.

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