Then and Now….A Tale of Two Dotticures


I officially moved into my late twenties today…it’s my 27th birthday! Looking at my nails this morning and being a little retrospective, I realised it was actually similar to one of my very first manicures I ever photographed…even before The Nail Polish Project was born so I thought nothing could be better today than to do a then and  now post.

I’ve always loved dotting tools, they’re simple to use, cheap and easily available via eBay and as long as you own two or more polishes you can do a manicure with them!  So naturally both manicures are dotticures.  First up is the the “Then” nails from April 2011 – I’m not sure on the polishes anymore, I’m hanging onto an old Sally Hansen Salon bottle for dear life though!


My nails were pretty short back then and it looks like I was still mastering the art of clean up.  This photo was taken with my iPhone of the time in god knows what lighting so the colours were pretty off (could have been a filter who knows!) and it was overexposed but still not a bad first effort.


These days I use a lightbox for all my photos, along with a dedicated camera (Canon G12) and a tripod to get well focused photos.  My nails are quite a bit longer and I keep them square rather than squaoval.  For this manicure I used OPI Taylor Blue and China Glaze Recycle.  For the dots, I mixed Taylor Blue with a white creme and OPI Ski Teal We Drop to get the lighter and darker shades of blue.

So apparently I have upgraded my equipment over time and become a bit more adept at posing and photo editing but my tastes haven’t changed that much.  I hope by showing this post it encourages anyone thinking of starting a blog but are still a bit shy.  I still remember how I felt when I started but as you go along, you learn and evolve until you find a happy niche.

So that’s all for today, I’m going to put my feet up tonight with pizza and a big box of Ferrero Rocher and watch The Intouchables to exercise my French skills a bit…I’m counting down to my weekend birthday celebration now which includes getting all the China Glaze Summer Neon Jellies, yay!


2 thoughts on “Then and Now….A Tale of Two Dotticures

  1. I did my first dots yesterday and they are a LOT harder to do than they look! I even had a dotting tool and still did a yucky job. I’m super jealous of your blue nails and perfect dots on them :-)

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