Swatched: Max Factor Fantasy Fire


I know everyone has seen Max Factor Fantasy Fire, so I had to think outside the box on my swatch.  Instead of going with a straight swatch or putting it over purple or blue, I went the other way and put it over pink instead.  I picked up China Glaze Under The Boardwalk a couple of weeks ago on a whim as part of a Beauty Joint order (it just feels wrong ordering online without putting at least one polish in my basket) so I decided to layer Fantasy Fire over that instead.

You may have seen a snap of these nails in my Instagram post.  I had no idea I had taken proper photos of this manicure until I checked through my SD card this morning before wiping it.  Obviously I really have been busy recently, I found two manicures that I’d forgotten I had taken photos of.  The only thing I can remember about this manicure is that I had to be quite careful with the application of FF because it would streak if I didn’t apply it evenly.


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