Swatched: China Glaze Flying Dragon and Blue Sparrow


OK, I have no idea why it took me so long to add these polishes to my collection…well I do, my local supply store has never had them in stock and when I order online I’m always drawn to the new collections and too lazy to look at the older polishes.  But laziness has been overruled and now I have Flying Dragon and Blue Sparrow :)

Both polishes came from the 2008 INK collection and are semi-matte neon polishes with glitter in them.  I can’t say I particularly care for the semi matte appearance as it just makes the polish look really gritty on the nail, combined with the formulas on these being a little unfriendly, my applications looked extremely uneven.  But persevere with me, these polishes are out of this world once you add a top coat.

First up Blue Sparrow which is a neon royal blue with micro blue glitter.  This was three coats which made the polish relatively even and opaque.


I love how the polish has an almost jelly like look to it once the top coat is added on, it’s so pretty!  This really took me by surprise, I hadn’t seen many swatches of Blue Sparrow as there weren’t so many nail blogs around back in 2008.  Definitely an overlooked polish!

 Next up is Flying Dragon which is far more well known.  Flying Dragon is a magenta-purple neon with red and blue micro glitter in it.  I think everyone has at least heard of Flying Dragon even if they don’t own it.  After some research, there are two versions of this polish. The original was a darker, more violet shade of purple while the new version is more magenta.  I’m happy to have the new version as I already have plenty of blue leaning purple polishes, but not so many warmer red toned purples.

Frankly, the formula on this one was a pain.  I had to be really careful not to go over the same section twice while it was still wet or I would get bald patches.  Luckily a bonus of neons is that they dry really quickly.  You can see on my ring finger that it is still a bit uneven after three coats.

Again with a top coat, the polish looks a million times better to me.  You can see the blue and red shimmer is quite subtle and from a distance it’s not visible at all.  But I really just love the base colour here and I’ve been wearing it for three days straight :)  It’s one of those I can’t stop staring at my nails, it’s detrimental to everything I’m doing situations for me!

I wish there were more polishes like this in the INK collection but from what I can tell, none of the other polishes feature the glitter. These polishes also make me a little nostalgic, everyone wants unique and unusual polishes these days and that is really pushing polish boundaries, some to a point of unappealing to me.  These polishes have a unique edge to them, but they’re still completely wearable.

Both of these polishes came from Beauty Stop Online and were US$2.99 each.  Beauty Stop Online has a great range of polishes in stock from China Glaze, Essie and Orly including a lot of older collections that are not so widely available anymore.  Their shipping is pretty steep for international shipping because they only offer priority shipping but for all my US readers, you can get free shipping on orders over $50.

The products featured in this post was provided to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review. For my full disclosure policy, please click here.

4 thoughts on “Swatched: China Glaze Flying Dragon and Blue Sparrow

  1. I have had my eye on Blue Sparrow for awhile, and I think this is the first swatch I’ve come across. I gotta have this one! I really like how it becomes jelly-like with a top coat. I have a sparrow tattoo on my wrist, so for that reason alone I feel like I need this one. :)

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