NOTD: Ocean Nails


Idle boredom hit me the other night and I decided to try to create a manicure that looked like the ocean.  It’s something I’ve tried before but never been happy with the results.  I started off with a sponged gradient using China Glaze Custom Kicks, Shower Together and American Apparel Peacock:

Excuse the pre clean up photo, I didn’t want to do too much clean up prematurely, my hands are super dry already from the winter and acetone isn’t helping. Now I had plans to add some glitter and then a blue jelly but in the end I randomly sponged on Zoya Charla and Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and decided it was enough without a jelly over the top. I really like how this came out and I think the gradient helped with the illusion of depth to this manicure.  I still don’t feel like I nailed the ocean look but it’s better than I’ve managed before.


So some sad news, I broke my middle nail on my swatching hand again.  It had only just started to reach its normal length from the mega break in Canada back in June and now it’s right down to a nub again.  I almost cried when it happened as this was the only post I had already written.  I’ve been recovering all week from having my wisdom teeth removed and I’ve been in too much pain/too drugged up to feel like doing anything with my nails (they were naked for 3 days!).  Now I wish I had done more :(  I’m debating whether I will take a break or keep blogging while it grows out as I felt real lost time I took a break so watch this space!

7 thoughts on “NOTD: Ocean Nails

  1. These nails are so perfect! They really are like the ocean! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smooth gradient before.
    Also, I’m sorry to hear about your nail break, that really stinks. =(

  2. Oh *hug* I know your broken-nail pain! I’m currently working in a restaurant until I can find my next hi-tech job, and it’s taking it’s toll on my nails. I managed to get some decent swatches done a couple of weeks back, but since then they’re constantly ragged and breaking due to being a barista some shifts and a cook other shifts. Plus polish peels off after just two or three hours of latex gloves XD

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