Swatched: Orly Miss Conduct


I really lucked out with my purchases from the Orly Naughty and Nice Holiday 2012 Collection.  I bought two without seeing any swatches, Angel Eyes and Miss Conduct which I have for you today.  I’ve seen swatches of most of them now and these were definitely the pick of the bunch!  Miss Conduct had me raving and shoving my nails in anyone’s face that would listen – it is the ultimate pink scattered holo!  I thought this was just a straight fuchsia glitter when I bought it, nowhere had I heard it was a holo until I got the bottle home and pulled it out under a halogen light (which are great for showing up holo btw!)

Here it is in my lightbox under fluorescent lighting which doesn’t show up holo, as you can see even here it is still very pretty.  The holo shows up as fine silver flecks which don’t wash out the base colour unlike some scattered holos (yes, Color Club Wild At Heart, I’m looking at you).  This polish makes me so happy I invested in a camera that gets good, colour accurate shots of pink too. This is a strongly pigmented pink jelly base with the holo particles suspended in it.  I went with three coats to get rid of the VNL but it’s fine with two if you don’t mind VNL.

And what you’re all waiting for, the sunlight shot!  Honestly this doesn’t even come close to showing how much this lights up in the sun.  This was the best I got which shows how pretty and glowy it is.  The pink jelly base gives the bottom layers of holo particles and orangey-red glow to them but it will knock your socks off when you see it in person.  I much prefer scattered holos to linear holos, I find them more wearable and I’m always hypnotised by the glow that comes with them.  This is everything I hoped OPI DS Extravagance would be and wasn’t (which is darker with larger holo particles btw, The Polish-aholic has done a comparison here).

This polish, along with the rest of the collection, is available on Transdesign already, although the prices are slightly higher than normal Orly polishes at $5.00 each (not sure why, they were standard price of $4.25 when I bought them, but I wouldn’t be quibbling over the extra 75c for these!).  They’re also out and about in random nail supplies stores in the US according to some bloggers so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Ahhhh this is so gorgeous! I haven’t bought an Orly since last year’s Holiday collection. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this one. :P

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