Polish Days: Geometry


First up I have to say, I love this theme!  I had so much trouble just picking one idea for this theme…there was just so much scope in this theme!  I’ve gone with a combination of a tape manicure and stamping for this manicure and I was so happy with how it came out.

I started with 3 coats of OPI Alpine Snow as my base colour, then I taped my nails into three triangular sections and painted each section a different colour using China Glaze Recycle, For Audrey and Cult Nails Feel Me Up before sealing it all with top coat to dry it out before stamping.

Once everything was dry, I started taping off different sections and then stamping them with various geometric designs I have on my jumbo plates.  I originally planned to stamp every section  but by the time I had filled two out of three on each nail I decided the balance was right and it would be too busy if every section had a different pattern on each nail.

Some of the challenges I had was that CG Recycle was a bit thin so it needed two coats before the first round of tape could come off.  It also took a really long time because after stamping each section I had to seal it with top coat and leave it to dry before I could tape off another section on that nail.  I love the colour combination though, it feels perfect for spring which is just around the corner here now.  We had a gorgeous sunny 20C day when I did this and it perfectly reflected my mood (if we ignore my awful toothache from my wisdom teeth…which will have come out by the time you read this, woo!)

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    • Definitely not for the short on time! I wanted to do quarters instead of thirds but couldnt face all the extra taping and waiting for layers to dry.

    And could you please tell me which plate you’ve used!? Actually they’re Japanese tribal patterns, and I was really looking for the stamping plate with such patterns if available!!

    • The designs all came from the jumbo plates I bought from DHGate a while ago – I think they were all on the B plate. There is also a design on the A or B plate that matches the design you freehanded for your geometry nails. I will try and find the link and send it to you.

  2. this is absolutely frigging amazing! I hope your mouth feels ok – I had all 4 out when I was 18 and they were still in the gums, I feel your pain *hugs*

    • Thanks Hannah, very swollen and bruised today. Just sent my bf off to buy me baby food for some variety as Im already bored of yoghurt and custard :)

  3. I friggen love love love this!
    You blew me out of the water with this design. You’ve also sent my imagination running wild. I love what I have on my nails now, but now I’m dying to go home and try something out.

    • I hate that when Im totally in love with my nails and then I see something that makes me torn between keeping my current nails and trying something else! Happens to me all the time.

  4. Wow! I love the look of this, let alone knowing how long it must have taken. Nice colour choices as well. Hope you aren’t too sore! I had my last two wisdom teeth taken out last year, bleh.

  5. Lovely design – color blocking paired with stamping! I love the colors used too! Hope you’re feeling better now. How many teeth did you extract? I just pulled out two on my right last month.

  6. I am truly astounded at how gorgeous this is! I’m seriously breathless just looking at it. I hope your mouth heals really quickly – I had a rough go with mine, but it was such a relief not to have pain anymore.

    • I got the plates from a chinese wholesaler – I have a post about them here. The circles pattern is on either the A or B plate. Magnonails.de sells the plates individually but they’re more expensive.

  7. Hi! I absolutely love this design! I was wondering what brand of stamping plates you use. I’d like to order some but am a little uneducated on the best product. Thanks!

    • These particular designs came from my Chinese versions of the Cheeky Jumbo plates. I’d probably recommend Konad for first timers though as their plates are the best quality IMO.

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