NOTD: Taped and Dotted Skittles


I’ve been doing so many swatches lately, I needed some nail art in my life! So I went all out for a set of skittles using China Glaze Stone Cold, DV8 and Wet N Wild Black Creme. I haven’t done true skittles with a different pattern on each nail in forever. I love how they look but they take so much effort. I used dotting tools and tape to create all these looks.

My thumb was by far the easiest to do with different size stripes of spots. My pointer was a two stage affair, first taping off an area for the blue stripe, then using striping tape to create the alternating stripes (which took forever to tape straight and evenly spaced). Again my middle nail was a two stage effect, first creating large black dots, then filling the middle of each with either Stone Cold or DV8. For my ring nail I used pinking shears to cut the zig zag tape, then I carefully painted one stripe with DV8 and the rest with Stone Cold. Finally I used a series of triangles to tape off various areas of my pinky to create the arrowhead look.

I love the colours I picked but Stone Cold was a royal pain to work with because it’s matte and dries so quickly. Not recommended! This took me the best part of an afternoon to do (mainly because I was too impatient and kept stuffing up one nail while painting a different one). Is it any wonder I don’t usually do skittles? I really want to try both the striped nails again as full manicures but I suspect I won’t be jumping on it any time soon as it takes so long to tape everything up. I really admire anyone who had the dedication to do full tape manicures! Back to stamping for me.

12 thoughts on “NOTD: Taped and Dotted Skittles

  1. *dies*

    This is beyond awesome. Absolutely one the best manis I’ve seen in ages and I’ve seen a lot of good ones.

    I have all the polishes, but not the striping tape, so this might just get me off my ass and make me finally order some. :)

    • Thanks! I completely loved it. I would suggest maybe finding a substitute for Stone Cold as I found the nails that had it as their base colour didn’t last very long (in fact one literally peeled off whole – I looked down while driving to find I had a completely naked nail!). It was the first time I used my striping tape, I’d had it sitting around for a couple of months. Well worth the $3 on ebay!

  2. I really like this- I have orly iron butterfly to substitute for stone cold, but I understand your frustration. Great manicure- I have to find the time and the creativity to do this. BTW, when you ordered your stripping tape was it a set or just one for 3$ on ebay? Thanks!

  3. What a great manicure! I love all the designs and the colors you used. Must have taken you forever to put all the pieces of tape onto your nails. Shame it didn’t last that long.

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