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Welcome to the August installment of Polish Days!  In line with the hot topic of the moment, this month’s theme is olympic nails.  I’ve already seen so many of these floating around, especially from British bloggers, that I felt a bit stumped by it all as I didn’t want to use someone else’s manicure as inspiration.

I went for a patriotic manicure to support the Australian team using our national colours – Green and Gold.  There isn’t an awful lot of love floating around for the Australian team here right now which is really sad because it’s such an achievement to even be in the olympics but all the media can focus on is the lack of gold medals our atheletes have won. I decided to do a full half moon manicure using OPI Jade Is The New Black and China Glaze I’m Not Lion.  I’ve been busting to try out I’m Not Lion so this was the perfect opportunity!

Shade Photo

My half moons aren’t perfect, I was a bit impatient with the whole process so I had to touch them up a bit after I whipped off the hole reinforcement stickers I used to mask the moons off.  I used an unnamed Australis polish that is a champagne chrome colour as underwear for the glitter to make sure I had complete opacity – mainly for where I swapped up the colours on my ring finger.  My mistake was to only apply the glitter half way up my nails for the moons.  The glitter showed through slightly under Jade Is The New Black which you can particularly notice on my middle finger in the sunlight photo.

 Sunlight Photo

I’m Not Lion has so much holo glitter in it, it is crazy – you can see it sparkling green, blue, orange and purple in this photo and it’s perfectly in focus!  When my bottle arrived I couldn’t believe it.  It truly needs to be seen to be believed.  No photo will do it justice.

I really liked this manicure overall -I’ve not had much success with patriotic manicures before.  I’m always jealous of Americans having red, white and blue, plus stars and stripes to play with.  I find green and gold difficult because neither are colours I particularly love.

Here is a list of all the other lovely ladies who took part in Polish Days this month, everyone had better ideas than I did so make sure you go and check them all out!

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  1. Excellent for you for showing your pride in your country when others aren’t! I think it’s an amazing achievement for athletes to go to the olympics, I’m so proud of all the Canadians that made it that far! Of course it’s exciting to get medals, but that’s not all that’s important.

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