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In my increasing laziness and lack of sun hours during the winter, I have a lot of manicures that don’t get photographed for my blog.  However for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that I love to Instagram my nails.  So here are four manicures I’ve done in the past few months that I haven’t posted:

This was my first sponged gradient attempt – I honestly can’t remember the colours I used here, they were all in the teal spectrum…I’m going to go with a stab in the dark of SH Fairy Teal, OPI Thanks A Windmillion and China Glaze For Audrey.

Harlequin nails – I wore these for my birthday in Canada and even impressed my father in law (who thought I was a tad crazy with the number of polishes I bought in two weeks while visiting them).  This started with a base of American Apparel 7th and Alameda, then stamped with a Konad fishnet design using SH Silver Sweep.  Then I filled in the gaps randomly using Essie Trophy Wife, Ulta3 Orchid and China Glaze Ahoy!

 Leopard Print Nails – nice and simple using Essie Chinchilly, Wet N Wild Black Creme and SH Gray by Gray.

Skittles – I did these for casual day at work which I only get to enjoy once a month (providing Im not presenting to management which I usually am.)  The main colours here are Wet N Wild Black Creme, A England Avalon and OPI Alpine Snow.  The glitter accent on my thumb is a mini glitter from Claires Accessories and the glitter on my pinky is Orly Can’t Be Tamed from the Flash Glam FX collection. The stamp on my pointer finger is from the new BundleMonster set and the leopard print on my middle finger is from the new Mash set.

Now the good news is that by the time you read this, I should have received my new light box.  I’ve been on the fence about a light box ever since I started blogging but because my cats are extremely destructive and I don’t have a dedicated nails area I can shut them out of, I’ve never bought one.  I’m too worried they would tear the light tent or knock over the lights and break them.  I came across the Simp-Q mini light box on the weekend though and think it will answer all my problems – it’s an all in one lightbox that has built in lights and folds flats into a hard case when it’s not in use.  So now I can take photos in the evening and when it’s cloudy or raining.  So excited!

*Edit* – one of my facebook followers pointed out that I never actually mention my instagram username – if you want to follow me, you  can find me under Jen_NPP (same as twitter).

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  1. I think the stamp on the gradient mani looks so good! Mind sharing what plate/plate series that one is from? I may just have to get it!

    • I don’t have an official name for them as I picked them up from a chinese wholesaler – I have a post about them here. This pattern came from the C plate.

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