Polish Days: Gradient Glitter Sandwich


It’s Polish Days time again!  I love having a theme to follow to push me a little bit to try something I probably wouldn’t have otherwise done.  The theme this time round was a Sandwich manicure.  For those of you not familiar with the term – this is when you use two (or more) polishes in a layered effect like a sandwich.  This is traditionally done with sheer/jelly polishes and glitter polishes so you can see the different layers.  I love sandwiches because they can tone down glitter while adding depth and interest to a manicure.

I decided to push it one further and worked a gradient in there too – I started with two coats of China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, then sponged a gradient over it using China Glaze Kinetic Candy and Sweet Hook (originally I wanted it to be a tri-gradient with Re-Fresh Mint but it was too similar to Kinetic Candy and didn’t show up well).  After a top coat to help that lot dry, I added a coat of OPI Pirouette My Whistle – which is ah-may-zing over pastels…so much so I took a snap of it before continuing on:

Then to top it all off and complete the sandwich, I opted for a thin coat of Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely In Love.  I’ve discovered this sheer pale pink polish is the perfect sandwich polish.  It has a glorious hidden pale blue shimmer, plus it applies really evenly, so it doesn’t end up looking streaky.  It works really well over any pastel colour or creates a cloudy effect over darker colours.  Here is the finished article:



You can see here, the silver glitter from Pirouette My Whistle takes on a pale gold effect after NOPI Kim-pletely In Love is applied, plus the subtle blue shimmer that has been added.

Quick update on the broken nail on my normal swatching hand – I finally have free edge on the nail again, although it’s not going to be at the point where I can file a straight edge on it for a few more weeks yet.  So bear with me and the non-swatching hand photos.  I can’t wait to have things back to normal!

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