NOTD: Pink and Blue Water Marble


What possessed me when I decided I should try a water marble I have no idea.  It’s been nearly a year since I last tried a water marble and while it did work out better, it took me four attempts to get all ten nails done to a point where I was happy with them.  Unfortunately I nailed (no pun intended) a couple of my nails on my first attempt and there was no way I wanted to give up after that.

I used China Glaze Custom Kicks, Essie Turquoise and Caicos, OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips, Pink Friday and Alpine White for this water marble (something else I didn’t think through – I have one camera that can capture pink and another camera that can capture blue, neither can cope with both colours together!)

DSC 8764 490x328 NOTD: Pink and Blue Water Marble

First up my non swatching hand – not used to taking photos of this hand, so not quite as composed as normal!  I had quite a lot of colour bleeding on this hand so I used dots to disguise this.  I saw this idea on another blog but can’t remember where, let me know if you have seen it too so I can give credit!  I really liked my pointed finger on this hand, unfortunately a bit of pink streaked across it when I took the nail out of the water :(

DSC 8755 490x328 NOTD: Pink and Blue Water Marble

And my normal swatching hand.  I absolutely love my ring finger here, I did this nail on the first go and then had to continue.  I also love how my pointer finger came out looking like a heart – I almost took it off because Pink Friday was so thin on this nail and there was no blue at all, but dots saved the day again!

China Glaze Custom Kicks is much more turquoise in real life but it just wouldn’t play nice with my camera so I gave up in the end.  I also gave up on taking a photo that included my thumbs.  Despite much asking of my boyfriend to take a picture of both hands together, after an hour of waiting around I gave up and resigned myself to Diablo 3 being higher priority than nail photographer!

I doubt I will be doing this again in the near future, youtubers make it look so easy but it’s definitely not my forte!


10 thoughts on “NOTD: Pink and Blue Water Marble

  1. This is the most beautiful water marble i have ever seen! Love the colors, dots… all of it!! LOL! I haven’t had much success at water marbling either! :( I’d say this mani makes you look like PRO at it! ;-)

  2. this is so pretty! Adding the dots was a fab touch, I love it! Iv always been wary of trying marbling because of the mess, but if it will look like that maybe its worth a try! x

    • Oh there was plenty of mess, it took me a lot of tries in some nails. It is definitely worth it if you have the patience to keep trying though.

  3. I used to marble constantly, maybe I will again soon! It’s been awhile. I like marbling with glass flecks, they spread really well in the water and pack an extra punch on the nail.

    BTW one thing that I’ve found REALLY helps cleanup is this- put some moisturizer on your fingers before you tape up your nails. It makes getting rid of the bits of excess a breeze.

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