Swatched: China Glaze Fast Track


The Hunger Games is almost here! I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it…etc etc).  I had to have some of the accompanying polishes from China Glaze even though for the most part I do agree that it wasn’t the most awe inspiring polish collection.  Am I the only one who thinks Riveting looks similar to Orange Marmalade that was put out a few years ago?  I have Fast Track to show you today – I bought this more for the name as my long term readers will know I spent the last year working on an implementation project at work and the system we were implementing was called….FastTrack!  My whole job revolves around this system so the polish was have to have for me.

Despite all the name appropriateness, I really like this for the polish too.  I was overwhelmed by how gold this polish is in real life, it sparks in everything but the lowest of lights where it just looks like a nude toned polish with a bit of texture.  I tried to capture the brightness of the gold glass flecks but the pictures don’t do it justice really.

DSC 8311 490x731 Swatched: China Glaze Fast Track


DSC 8311 2 490x327 Swatched: China Glaze Fast Track

So I’m hoping to try some girl on fire nails before Saturday when I go to see the movie (I’ve had my tickets for about a month now, that’s how excited I am) .  I have to admit, I’ve turned into a total fan girl of the books, I’ve read them all twice in the last month and I love the casting of the movie so I really have high hopes.  Ok enough!  Have a lovely evening everyone.  I’m off to play with my OPIs that arrived today.


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