NOTD: Ombre Nails


I’ve wanted to try ombre nails for the longest time – for those of you not familiar with this term it’s where you paint each nail on your hand in a different shade of the same colour to form a light to dark gradient effect.  Every time I tried to find 5 polishes to do this, I was never satisfied that they 100% coordinated so I would give up.  After spending the best part of two days creating swatchicles for my most recent acquisitions (about 4 months worth of polishes…), I pulled out my entire collection to rearrange the colour groups and finally found five polishes I was satisfied with to create an ombre manicure.

So without further ado, I present my ombre manicure:

The colours I picked are:

  • Thumb: Essence Trendsetter
  • Index: Sally Hansen Fairy Teal (I spy a smurf nail situation in my near future here)
  • Middle: Orly Viridian Vinyl
  • Ring: Essie Turquoise and Caicos
  • Pinky: Essie Absolutely Shore

I would have like a slightly better contrast between my index and middle nails, ideally I wanted to put Trendsetter on my index finger and go even darker on my thumb but I didn’t want to use black and all my really dark blues didn’t lean towards teal enough to coordinate.

In other news, I took this in overcast weather (for the first time ever) and I’m psyched that the colours are all accurate in the photo and my hand actually looks much more natural than normal.  I think I still prefer sunlight for straight swatching to get the difference between sunlight and shade but I can put overcast days to use for nail art now at least.  Also sorry if this looks a little awkward, I’m not used to trying to include my thumb in these photos.

Have you tried ombre nails before? What colour did you pick?

11 thoughts on “NOTD: Ombre Nails

  1. This looks great!!! I love ombre manis! I’ve tried it, but with one polish and then adding more and more white to each nail. I did one using Sinful Colors Savage and another with Avon Vintage Boutique.

  2. If you are feeling super crafty…you could just use one colour. When I did it I painted my middle finger regularly and then added either a drop of white or black to make it lighter/darker. I turned out really well :D

  3. This looks so good!

    I have attempted it a few times but like you said, I was never 100% happy with the combination of colours.

    Also, are they your real nails or do you wear falsies? They look so nice and long!

    • I was so happy to find a combo I liked, I want to try again but need to buy more pastel shades first. The nails are all mine – I get asked a lot if they’re real or not, I think it’s because I try to keep them all the same length and shape.

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